Sharing My Go-To Recipes… Because I Like to Eat

Many people I talk to think I LIVE at the gym (I don’t).

Don’t get me wrong, I make sure I MOVE and GET ACTIVE every day because it makes my body feel good, oh, and I also sleep like a rock when I do. So yes, I probably workout more than the average person, but a little NUTRITION knowledge and some changes in my EATING HABITS certainly go a long way.

The regular, smart food consumption, good dietary habit rules (no diets!) all apply here:

  • eat more vegetables
  • eat more slowly
  • drink lots of water
  • choose whole foods
  • limit processed foods
  • eat balanced meals, etc.

My interest in healthier foods and staying active led me to obtain a certification as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach. I believe they have one of the best, most REASONABLE philosophies when it comes to DIETARY HABITS (this is important to me because I don’t believe in deprivation/restriction). Of course I understand that everyone is not going to run out and become certified as a nutritionist, but certifications like Precision Nutrition do offer programs for everyone, so if you are interested, definitely look them up.

In addition to your approach to eating and establishing good habits, it is also helpful to understand that there are other FACTORS that affect your health and impact your food choices (getting enough sleep, choosing how you spend your time and who you spend it with) and vice versa, your food choices can impact how you feel (eating too much food processed food or not drinking enough water).

Having said all that (and not getting too bogged down into NUTRITION), I love to share good recipes and also love to receive recommendations from others who appreciate good, wholesome food that is also tasty and not too difficult to make. Challenging my culinary skills is something I enjoy and there’s something pretty special about trying a new recipe for your family and everyone loving it!

Here are some of my go-to recipes:

  • One of our favorite dishes for veggie night because of it’s versatility – substitute any three main vegetables (we’ve used cauliflower, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, snow peas, peas, zucchini, etc.) and you can use different variations of pesto. Additionally, we frequently mix white rice with quinoa when we make this and we use the entire leek (just make sure to wash the leafy parts and cut them so they are bite-sized. Thanks to OhSheGlows for the recipe.


Couple of BREAKFAST OPTIONS besides the usual eggs/toast or oatmeal.

  • I’ve seen variations of this PANCAKE recipe, which we also take some creative liberty with (usually adding a little flax seed and using fewer oats).
  • For the WAFFLES we use either milk (makes them nice and brown) or almond milk and again, instead of all rice flower we’ll add some flax or oats to add a little texture. The rice makes these gluten-free waffles nice and light and crispy.WafflesCM2017

SOUPS have become a staple in our house. We make our own broth roughly twice a month and then cook up a big pot of soup. The kids LOVE SOUP NIGHT and we rotate and let someone different pick a soup every Monday – adds to the fun. If we try a soup at a restaurant we will try to recreate it at home. For example, when we travelled to Ireland this past summer, we tried a delicious coconut sweet potato, which I the found on Pinterest and voila another addition to our repertoire. Also, we tried a butternut squash soup at a local restaurant, Locale90 (which was not pureed, but broth based) and it’s on my list to try that one as well.  For the vegetable based soups I try to make rice, pasta or some type of grain for the kids.

  • This one from The Glowing Fridge has a nice Asian flavor with the ginger and cabbage.
  • This is our most frequently made soup from The WanderlustKitchen – a huge winner in our household. Sometimes made with spinach and other times kale.

In the “wintery” months we enjoy squashes and chilis.

  • The turkey sweet potato chili recipe from Fitnessista is a favorite to make when we go on our ski/snowboarding trips! Simple ingredients and hearty chili without being heavy. We love serving it with/without rice or quinoa and with spinach.
  • This recipe reminds us of a dish we had back in Jersey City at Marco & Pepe (that was a favorite!)  Again, you can change up the ingredients somewhat while keeping that southwestern flavor. I always look to add a base of spinach/arugula or kale (it’s a no-brainer) and add the most vegetables that I can including tomatoes, corn, peppers (I aim to KEEP IT COLORFUL).

In the “summer” months I can eat this salad from CookingClassy by the bucketful! The dressing REALLY does it. But you just can’t go wrong with ripe tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers ( I tend to focus on these three) and add a smaller helping of the garbanzos and feta cheese.

And my piece de la resistance – my recent new experiment inspired by Mardi Gras – SHRIMP JAMBALAYA! Didn’t really hold back on the spices for the kids, but I did cook the rice from scratch and kept it separate to help absorb the kick. Proud to say, they ate every single bite while chugging water to help quell the fire on their lips . Thanks to CleanEatingMag for the recipe.

Got any good ones to share? Please do!!! and let me know how you like these.


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